Just One Last Thing...

It's a tradition to save the best till the last, right?

So here's an offer that's absolutely unrivalled when it comes to profitability. It's a chance to make money from Livecaster without an upper limit.

How? By getting a chance to sell it, just like we do.

You already know that Livecaster solves a real world problem. Every marketer needs it and that's why it's really hot.

Designing and creating a product like this is not easy. You need to have a deep understanding of technology, software designing and development. If you set out to do it yourself you'd have to put up a lot of cash up front, and even then there'd be guarantees that you'll be able to complete it.

That's why even though it's so profitable, software is such a hard market to get into.

Well, today we want to make it simple for you.

Now You Can Sell & Make Money From Livecaster The Same Way We Do

We've spent many months and a tens of thousands of dollars creating Livecaster, but you can sell it and keep the money for almost nothing in comparison.

So here's your invitation. Join us.

Livecaster Reseller

Resell Livecaster & Keep 100% of the

Livecaster Whitelabel

Rebrand Livecaster & sell it as your own software

Reseller Rights

We Give You Everything You Need To Sell Livecaster

We’ll set you up as a reseller on Livecaster with 100% profits going to you. You don’t need to do anything but sell.

Use our sales

Use our sales

Everything is on
our hosting

We support your
customers (24 Hours
Live Support)

Keep 100%

That’s right. When you become a Livecaster Reseller, you don’t have to do nothing but promote it. Mail it to your list, or put it on your blog with your link. Run ads to it. Tell your friends about it. You will get 100% of the profits.

This is for marketers who don't want to set up sales pages, sales videos and still want mega profits at low investment.

Whitelabel Rights

We Rebrand Livecaster & You Sell It As Your Product

We’ll create a custom version of Livecaster for you with the name you select and the graphics you give us.

You get Livecaster ELITE & Livecaster PRO! Both versions.

Sell it to your list as your own software

Sell it through Email

Sell it through

Sell it through
social media

Sell it through
your blog

The Whitelabel rights give you direct sales rights and you can keep 100% profits from it. You don’t need to give us back a single cent!

This is for marketers who want to build a brand identity for themselves and capitalize on the rep later. It can also work for marketers who have a bigger list or a popular blog or website with captive audience that they want to bring the software too.

Take Advantage
You won’t be able to buy Whitelabel or Reseller rights
to Livecaster again.

We are not going to bundle it with any other offer. This is the only place you can buy it, and only because you’ve already invested in Livecaster.

This may be about your only chance to buy it, because we will not make it available forever. When you come around next time, it might not be here at all.

Make Profits Selling Livecaster Today

Grab The Selling Rights
To Livecaster & Keep 100% Profits
Before They Go Away

Sell Livecaster & Keep
100% Profits

Livecaster Reseller

Buy Livecaster Reseller

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reseller License

Q : How much money can I make reselling Livecaster?

A : You get to keep 100% of the main offer reselling Livecaster. On the other products in the funnel you get 50%.

Q : Can I brand Livecaster as my own and price it however I want?

A : No – you cannot brand Livecaster as your own, and you will be able to sell at the price we optimize for post-launch

Q : Do I get access to sales page and sales video?

A : No – we host them – you can drive traffic to these pages and generate 100% commissions for the main offer, 50% for the upgrades!

Q : Do I get the webinar presentation?

A : Yes – you get access to our pre-launch webinar presentation within our members area – which you can use to promote Livecaster.

Q : What’s the earliest I can start selling? Do I need any more details?

A : Earliest you can start selling is 3rd May 2017 – and you need to start by requesting your affiliate link and commission bump when you apply. To do so – just check out the details in the members area.

Whitelabel License

Q : Can I rebrand Livecaster as my own?

A : Yes – we encourage you to do that. You can put your own logo, your own training and your own support link and sell Livecaster as your own.

Q : What price points can I sell at?

A : At any point of time the price should be equal to, or higher than the price we are selling it for at https://Livecaster.in. You can't sell it at a price lower than that.

Q : What is the earliest I can start selling?

A : The earliest you can start selling is on 3rd May 2017.

Q : What marketing materials do I get with Livecaster?

A : You have to prepare your own sales material like sales pages, sales videos, etc. You can use your own content and sales pages as a model and create your sales pages and content on the basis of that. In the very least you have to change the name of the software in the content you prepare.

Q : How many clients can I sell this to?

A : As many as you want – there is no limit. You are not allowed to launch this on JVzoo or Clickbank or any other marketplace. However, you are allowed to run FB ads or drive email traffic to your sales pages

Q : What will my client get through this access?

A : Your client will get the main plus PRO version (minus commercial license) of Livecaster with this access.

Q : Can I giveaway a license or offer it as a bonus?

A : No you can’t give it away or offer it as a bonus – you only have rights to sell it. You can't offer a discount which takes it below our selling price either.

Q : Can I launch it or sell it as a part of my funnel?

A : No, you cannot sell it through affiliate traffic.

Q : Can I refund my FE and OTO purchases after purchasing Whitelabel?

A : No absolutely not. To be eligible to hold a white label license you should be a current user of the basic version and pro version only after purchasing that you are eligible to purchase the white label offer.