Hi Business Owner!

I know you’re struggling to find more leads and customers online. No matter what you do, all you get is a trickle from Facebook and YouTube. Maybe you’re even ready to give up!

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Live Videos Get You a 300% Traffic Boost

I am sure you’ve heard of video marketing and how effective it is in driving traffic to businesses, and in helping businesses rank online.

Well, we discovered something that’s even more effective.

It’s live Videos!

Live videos get a 300% organic reach boost on both Facebook and YouTube.

According to Tubular Insights

Viewers Spend 8x Longer With Live Video

Live video is growing much faster than online video on the Internet

113% Growth Year on Year

Facebook users comment 10 times more in live videos

Than they do on regular videos

Facebook sends your fans a notification

As soon as you go live

YouTube puts you at the top of search results

When you go live

Facebook puts you at the top of the feed

Whenever you go live

Live video is awesome, but unless you’re an experienced anchor or an actor, and have plenty of time to waste, you can’t use it.

Imagine the horror of being forced to go live daily using your mobile phone. Even if you had the will, you won’t have the time from your business.

That’s exactly the reason why so few businesses are exploiting this ultra powerful video marketing strategy.

Today, we’ll solve this for you.

Make Us Your Live Video Partner & Watch
Traffic Turn From A Trickle Into An Unstoppable Stream

We are the live video specialist and we use cutting-edge technology to solve the live video problem for you in a unique way.

Yes, we can go live on your behalf using any video you have, even the pre-recorded ones.

That’s right, we’ll go live for you, without you having to go live. In fact we will make it a regular occurence, getting you the maximum amount of traffic and leads from your social media properties.

Don’t Have Videos To Go Live With? We’ll Make Them Too!

Don’t worry even if you don’t have any videos to go live. We can create simple but effective presentations and videos about your product or service. Featuring your products, your premises, teams, etc.

What you get is the final, end-to-end solution. Walk in with nothing at all, and walk out with a business that’s thriving thanks to enhanced online presence.

Leave Your Competition Behind Online With Our Highly Secure & Effective Service

Yes, we’ll do the entire setup for you in a highly secure manner. You’ll go live with readymade videos on your Facebook Page and YouTube channel like clockwork as often as you want.

Go live every week, or even daily! The traffic boost is yours. The more the better.

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