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As a video marketer, the next best thing you should be doing after creating and posting videos - Is going live! But as much as effective it is, it requires a complicated setup, configuration and need you to be really good at presenting things without getting camera conscious or focussing on other technicalities than just the product presentation.

LiveCaster solves it for you.

Pick any pre recorded video and add it to Livecaster repository by clicking the ‘Add Video’ button. Go live instantly or schedule the video to go live at any time using the smart scheduler that works with all time zones. Gets you organic traffic from FB and YouTube in droves. Works with FB pages, groups, profile and works for YouTube too.

Leverage this powerful technique before your agile competition does. With Livecaster, casting your pre-recorded videos as live videos is simple and effective, and you don’t even have to face the camera.

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